Keeping the faith

I certainly don’t think that everything we hoped for are granted by God.

But, my experiences told me, if you believe in something (that you will received), and you worked hard for it (at least make an effort), and you pray for it, you’ll get it.  But mostly, things that i believe and hope for are realistic ones. But i dare say that out there, many people believe and hope for, even unrealistic things -in the eyes of others, and they did get it.

As long as you make an effort, and keep praying.

Not so long ago, when i know that my mother in law will be coming over to Surabaya (near end of May 2014) for church community service, to commemorate my father in law death anniversary, i have a..don’t know how to say it, whether it’s a hunch, or my own hope, just say that it’s a faith. A faith.

I have faith that besides for the commemoration, we will also pray & give thanks over my pregnancy.

We have been married nearly one year. And me and my husband are not very eager to have children. We tend to let nature take it course. So we never plan when we should have sex, or me jot down my daily temperature to know when is my fertile time, or drink/eat anything that can boost fertility, etc. We just live our daily routine life like usual (a.k.a make love whenever we want to). Yet, we’re not as lucky as other people who already ‘win the lottery’ only after few months or even days.

However, i have that faith. Besides it also near my 1st wedding anniversary. So it felt so right for me to have that faith.

It’s not a strong faith though. So there is small fraction inside my heart prepared for dissapointment.


I supposed to have my period on 09th May 2014. But i didn’t.

However, around 2 weeks before that date, there is a day where i felt really sick. I thought i catch a cold, because i felt my body is warm, aching all over body, and enervate.  But i felt better the next day, after i drink medicine night before. Few days after, i started to have pre-menstruation syndrome. But at the same time i  suspected that i’m pregnant. So i bought a test pack, and did the test. It was negative.

When i did not get my period on time, i thought to myself, maybe it just few days late. It happened before.

On 16th morning, i decided to do another test pack. I braced my self to see only one red line appear on the test pack (because i have done several times test pack, and it always negative = one red line).


But two red lines appears! TWO!

I was so stunned at that moment. Can’t believe that there’s really a new life inside my body.

I woke my husband. By that time, he was sleeping with his face against bed, and i haven’t turned on the light, so our bedroom still dark.

“Dear.., dear…”


“I think i really pregnant..”


And he immediately turn his body facing me.

I quickly go turn on the bedroom light, and showed him the testpack.

“There’s two red lines.”

“Two red lines mean pregnant?”


From the moment he turned his body, smile was already all over his face. Truth to say, i am so happy to see him, that happy too. Because usually, in matter of children,  he always very cool. Never shown that he is very eager or interested in children, never push me to get pregnant soon either (though we have 10 years age gap, and he already 40 years old).

So, i am quite surprised to see his reaction.


We went to doctor the very next day.  And yes, pregnancy is confirmed! =D


I am so touched that God really make my faith becomes true.

Keeping faith is never wrong. If God pleased, it will happened.